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Artificial Intelligence

During this pandemic, innovations in artificial intelligence have provided unique solutions to several COVID-19 associated challenges. Artificial intelligence has specifically aided with facing global challenges in diagnostic imaging, supporting the elderly in long-term care homes, blockchain and vaccine distribution, as well as supporting small-medium sized enterprises.

Technical Committee


Biotechnology is an emerging field in both Canada and India. With the global pandemic, biotechnology has been at the forefront of innovation and evolution with vaccine development, production, securing supply and distribution. Biotechnological advancements in disinfection techniques, food safety, cell and gene therapy have also helped with combating the pandemic.  

Technical Committee

Pandemic Responses and Initiatives

The current COVID-19 pandemic has brought unique challenges to our public, health and economic systems. While the world is still battling the effects of the current pandemic, it is important to reflect on what has and has not worked in response strategies in both Canada and India, and address issues and lessons that need to be learnt to combat future pandemics. 

Technical Committee

Pre-summit Webinars

Prior to the Summit, three free virtual webinars will discuss Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology and Pandemic Response. Distinguished speakers from Canada and India will discuss the respective content and provide insight into the Summit content. The discussions will be reflected through a white paper which will be presented at the Summit.

February 24th

Biotechnology and its contributions to overcome COVID-19

March 10th

Pandemic Responses and Initiatives

April 1st

Artificial Intelligence and its contributions to overcome COVID-19

Main Summit

Taking place on May 20th and 21st, the Canada India Healthcare Summit will examine the many ways in which the public-private partnership can be leveraged to provide optimum healthcare to the citizens and pave the way for more integrated collaboration between Canadian and Indian entities across various sectors. This free Summit will involve panel discussions relevant to the emerging public healthcare scenario in Canada and India in three key content areas of Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology and Pandemic Response.





CIF Canada India Healthcare Innovation Awards

The recipients of the first CIF Canada Healthcare Innovation Awards are, in no particular order:

Ravi Avasarala (Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Strl BioSystems,) for Strl®AIR™ Holistic Disinfection System (Co-Founder and CEO – Valli Akella)

            Award Sponsor – Valensa International (Muthu Murugappan, Board Director)

Kanishk Kharbanda (Co-Founder, Med Interventions and Beyond) for Multi-Mask (Co-Founder – Deepak Pathania)

            Award Sponsor – 5G Technologies (Dr. Ananth Seshan and Sumitra Seshan, Directors)

Dr. Dinesh Krishna (Co-Founder, Amar Seva Global) – Enabling Inclusion™ App

            Award Sponsors – Ravi Kumar and Kavitha Subramanian

Saanika Venkatesh (Project Manager, Lactiga Inc.) – Novel Therapeutics for Rare Immunodeficiencies (Dr. Viraj Mane – Co-Founder)

            Award Sponsor – Sona College of Technology (Chocko Valliappa, Vice-Chair)

Nikhil Kurele (Co-Founder/CEO, Noccarc Robotics) – Noccarc Oxygen Concentrator

            Award Sponsor – Sona College of Technology (Chocko Valliappa, Vice-Chair)

Dr. Saugandha Das (Co-Founder, Edhaa Innovations) – Ultra-Freez, Non-electric alternative to store COVID-19 vaccines (Nisha Yadav, Co-Founder)

            Award Sponsor – Canada India Foundation (Dr. V.I. Lakshmanan, Past-Chair, CIF)